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building a world where every community has a safe place



constructing vital structures needed for struggling communities around the world



Build Strong exists to provide strength and security for every struggling community.

We listen to community leaders, partner with community laborers, and bring donors and volunteers together to build the structures most needed.


Bert Fields

Bert Fields is the Treasurer of Build Strong Corp. He has been in the construction industry for the last 30 years. He is experienced in all phases of construction. Bert owns and operates a successful plumbing company in the Seattle Washington area. He and his family lived in South Africa in the early 90's and rebuilt a Bible School there. In the last 24 years, he has lead and managed volunteer construction teams on 76 trips to 22 different countries. He works well in other cultures, from first to third world countries.

Aaron Utter

Aaron Utter is the Executive Director of Build Strong Corp. He has been in the construction industry for the last 20 years. He owns and operates a successful construction company in Texas. He and his family share a passion for making a difference, both in their local community and in communities around the world. For fifteen years, Aaron has been working with and leading construction teams in North and Central America, Haiti, and all over the great continent of Africa. Every trip inspires his  growing passion to do more. Aaron has a reputation around the world for his work ethic and commitment to see projects through to completion.

Travis Rall

Travis Rall is the Secretary of Build Strong Corp. He grew up involved in construction, and had over 10 years of construction and project management experience before he transitioned into a more corporate career. Travis has been a leader and valuable member of several start-up companies, and has a reputation for his ability to inspire teams to execute strategy and vision. Rall traveled with Aaron Utter on a construction trip to Honduras  in 2004, which inspired him to continually support world-wide humanitarian efforts, and serve on staff for a local inner-city non-profit near Dallas, TX.

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